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Environmental Signaling


The environment interacting with human genes plays a pivotal role in mediating gene actions. The environment-gene interaction is known as the exposome and it includes pollutant chemicals, microorganisms, drugs, additives, nutrients, and psycho-social environment...

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Endocrine Disruption


Endocrine disrupters are synthetic chemicals and natural plant compounds that may affect the endocrine system. Many of these substances have been associated with developmental, reproductive and other health problems in wildlife and laboratory animals, and may affect humans in similar ways...

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e.hormone mission

e.hormone is a conduit providing accurate, timely information and educational resources on environmental signaling research. The site is part of the Environmental Signaling Network, a multifaceted program that aims to integrate the vast interdisciplinary signaling field by fostering communication and promoting scientific advancements. Environmental Signaling encompasses the many ways plants and animals use chemical signals to communicate life-driving information, to respond to physical or biological stimuli, and to talk to each other.