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Environmental Signaling in Medicine

Introduction/Organization/Scope  (Collaborative Learning)
Systems Theory/Systems Thinking (External/Internal; Open/Closed)

Dose Response and Mechanism of Chemical Actions -- (Charles Miller TUSPHTM)
Metals (Sources/Consequences/Mechanisms)

Metals and Halogens in water (Sources/Consequences/Mechanisms) -- (Adrienne Katner LSUSPH)

Fluoridation Movie (28:46)

Structure Activity Relationships in Endocrine Disrupting Chemicals and Signals -- (Thomas Wiese XU)

Statin Nation Movie (1:02:45)

DNA repair and mutagenesis -- (Zachary Pursell TUSOM)

Environment and Microbiome

Environmental and Occupational Medicine -- (Joseph Lasky TUSOM)
Pharmaceuticals and Pesticides in Water/Drug resistant bacteria/ Dietary Supplements/Folk Remedies
Herbal Supplements in the Practice of Medicine -- (John McLachlan TUSOM)

Emerging Infectious Diseases -- (Dawn Wesson TUSPHTM)
Global Change -- (Torbjorn Tornqvist  TUSSE)

Social Determinants of Disease

Trauma and other Environmental Signals and the epigenome

Lead mapping results with students/Environment and Health Brainstorming Plans


Global Change and Human Health/ Emerging Diseases: Environmental Contributions? 

Summary – Environmental Signaling and Health